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Wellness Coaching

Our coach, Daniela Lojkova Gjurisic (Bachelor of Sport, Fitness and Wellness, Nutritional therapist), guides clients step by step through her own wellness program to create wellness in body, mind, and spirit.

Daniela will teach you how to optimize your nutrition, exercise, relaxation and regeneration and thinking, and how to make a few important lifestyle changes to become a successful, beautiful, slim, fit, healthy and happy person.

With this wellness program you will:

  1. Speed up your metabolism,
  2. Begin to reduce body fat,
  3. Change body composition,
  4. Heal, restore and rebalance yourself,
  5. Increase your energy level,
  6. Increase your fitness level,
  7. Increase your creativity,
  8. Increase your intuition,
  9. Start thinking more positively,
  10. Again feel young physically as well as mentally.
  11. Create wellness in body,mindand spirit
  12. And much more


  • Stress, joint pain, back pain, allergies, migraine, high cholesterol, and similar inconveniences will gradually migrate or completely disappear!

Wellness Coaching
1 x One – To – One session…………..$80
10 x One – To – One session…………..$600
(Valid for 6 months from first session.)

Daniela Gjurisic – Lojkova has been in private practice as a therapist, a coach, a healer, an author and a teacher since 2002, helping her clients reach their wellness, fitness, health and business goals.
With a passion to learn and teach about well-being, she has helped hundreds of people. Her clients are athletes, managers, celebrities, actors, politicians, businessmen, students, coaches, people of all ages.


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