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How to get rid of sore muscles?

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Physiotherapist advice: Floating might be an option for you!

by Renata Konopkova PhD, Prague, Czech Republic

I am a physiotherapist working with athletes for more than 15 years. Many of them asked me about how to be stronger or how to achieve better performance. They thought that the more they exercise the stronger they would get. This is not true, this is not how it works. While observing top athletes, I realized that the biggest difference in athletes with poor and excellent performance was not how hard their training was but rather how well they listen to their body. Training has to be hard when you want to be better, when you want to have more coordinated movements, when you want to be stronger but at the same time high quality relaxation is important while achieving such goals.

So surprisingly, many athletes do not have a problem with the amount of exercise or repetition but they have a problem with their relaxation. They are not able to slow down for a while.

Floating is an excellent opportunity to assure high quality  and to help muscles to get ready for another exercise. Floating is an excellent occasion to slow down. Floating will get rid of a huge amount of stimuli that have to be absorbed by your body, stimuli that inhibit the body to rest. Floating will harmonise the muscle tone and lighten your joints. Such harmonisation is also achieved on the basis of changing the rhythm of your central nervous system.

The effect of floating includes improved recovery in terms of isometric force and also dynamic power which goes hand in hand with reduction of oedema which can be seen in sore muscles. Some effects of floating can be similar to the effect of hydrotherapy with the possible effect of hydrostatic pressure. The range of motion of some joints can be improved right after the therapy, this occurs mainly when this insufficiency is caused by muscle stiffness.

Why are our muscles stiff?

Our muscles have to work continuously to keep our posture against gravity and to enable movements we want to make. This means that the muscle receptors, joint receptors, tendon receptors are in process every time. They maintain muscle tone regarding our posture, the activity or even the state of mind. To achieve such activity, muscles are using energy arising from glycogen that has to be stored in muscles and modified into energy. The processes that are needed to do so are complicated and give rise to many other products that appears in the muscles that we subsequently feel as stiff. Floating helps such products to be removed from the muscles and improves muscles to be prepared for another exercise. Muscles are not aching and are also ready to work better and are not painful anymore. Try it!


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